CARP Chapters: The Front Lines – A Exclusive AGM Report Sneak Peek











Power in numbers takes on true meaning at CARP. The strong, active network of CARP Chapters across the country broadens our reach and deepens our influence on government decision makers by bringing CARP’s advocacy message to their doorstep.

We are growing – CARP Chapters have more than quadrupled in four years and the now 55 chapters allow CARP members across the country to participate and engage with our advocacy mission. CARP Chapters are our eyes and ears on the ground, identifying and pursuing local priorities as well as scouting out the local viewpoint on national issues. CARP Chapters provide a powerful voice, adding great insight and value to CARP’s message and work – both to legitimize the national voice of CARP Advocacy, but also to allow CARP’s message to resonate with all the constituencies across the country, reflecting the diversity of this demographic in Canada.

CARP Chapter 8 Chair, Dan Procop

CARP Chapters are the arms of CARP reaching out to local politicians, businesses and community agencies and letting them know that CARP members are paying close attention to their actions. On CARP’s behalf, the Chapters meet with politicians, collaborate with local agencies, and raise CARP’s profile at local events. Through their leadership and commitment to volunteerism, the Chapters extend CARP’s resources beyond the National Office’s capacity, making CARP’s presence known across the country.

When government ministers seek community input, they will encounter CARP Chapters from coast to coast. In her cross country series of Roundtables on Elder Abuse, the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State for Seniors, received CARP’s position and recommendations from White Rock/Surrey Chapter Chair, Jack Mar, and North Fraser Chapter Chair, Bruce Bird in Vancouver one day and from Edgar Williams, Chair of the Avalon (St. John’s NL) Chapter on another. The same message was presented in Charlottetown, Moncton, Peterborough, Brighton-Belleville-Quinte West and Halifax.










And an invitation from a CARP Chapter rarely goes unanswered. Quebec Cabinet Minister, Geoffrey Kelley headlined a meeting hosted by CARP’s West Island, Montreal Chapter. His presentation on improving senior’s lives in Quebec and interviews with Chapter Chair, Paul Reisman and other Chapter members were captured by CTV News.

The always active White Rock-Surrey Chapter hosted local MP Russ Hieburt, outgoing White Rock Mayor, Catherine Ferguson, and incoming Mayor, Wayne Baldwin, all of whom expressed their support of CARP at their November meeting.

CARP issues make national headlines and local media knows to turn to CARP Chapters for insight and informed opinion.

The media know that the CARP “go-to-guy” in Nova Scotia is CARP Advisory Board member Bill VanGorder for all matters relating to the aging population. He was recently featured in a CBC story about the problem of extended wait times for long term care facilities, where he noted CARP’s advocacy for better Aging in Place strategies.

Edgar Williams, Chair of the Avalon (St. John’s NL) Chapter represented CARP on CBC’s Newfoundland and Labrador news program “Here and Now” to discuss the state of seniors housing in the region and outline the need for adequate planning at all levels of government.

Janet Gray, Chair of the Ottawa Chapter is a frequent media commentator as are Downtown Toronto’s Adina Lebo and Mississauga’s Murray Etherington.

Local issues remain at the heart of Chapter activity. On the housing front, in addition to Edgar William’s intervention in St. John’s, the Barrie Chapter, led by Gwen Kavanagh, has been busy with the Senior Housing Co-Housing Project and has made June 25-July 3rd CARP Awareness Week for the City of Barrie, where Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman raised the Chapter’s flag and read their proclamation.

When the Alberta government was deciding to change the location of a Long Term Care facility away from the downtown core along with it vital services, our Fort McMurray Chapter, chaired by Felix Berube, joined local seniors in a campaign to have their voices heard in the government’s decision.

The Ajax-Pickering Chapter collaborated with the Durham Elder Abuse Network, local libraries and Homplace to launch its 2012 campaign to end elder abuse, which included feature presentations by Tammy Rankin, Elder Abuse Advisor for the Durham Region and Constable Marta Fils of the Durham Regional Police.



Students helping seniors with their computer and social media skills.











Public Education and Awareness continue to be a mainstay of Chapter activity. Chapters have been providing financial protection education through various seminars and presentations. At its AGM, the North Fraser Chapter hosted a presentation, “Consumers: Know Your Rights”, by a representative of Consumer Protection BC, who presented information on rules governing telemarketers, consumer complaint procedures, and self protection from grads and scams. The Edmonton Chapter also held seminar series to promote Financial Education for Seniors, Zoomers, and Caregivers.

CARP’s influence is growing due in large measure to the collective voice of our Chapters, and we will soon be joined by new Chapters in Saskatchewan, and other regions of Canada.  We anticipate another exciting year ahead.