Week 1: THE CORE Tips for Power Walkers and Runners

‘Every movement that you make originates from the core.’

PROPER RUNNING FORM is essential to strengthening your core which is the body’s midsection from your groin to your shoulders.  Your core is the power zone and beginning of all movement.

When you use proper form, you immediately strengthen your core, release tension and reduce strain in the neck and shoulders.

Here are some tips for proper form:

1) Maintain a 10 degree lean forward 2)  No slouching! This will restrict your airways and you need all the oxygen you can get!  3)  Back straight 4) No chicken wings! Arms should be relaxed and move like a pendulum moving gently in the direction you are going – forward!  4) Relax the entire body and pay particular attention to relaxing your shoulders 5) Breath from the belly.  Shallow upper breath can cause painful side stitches  6) Do not extend your lead foot too far out in front of your body.  Doing this can lead to injuries such as runner knee and shin splints 7)Try to land midfoot and roll through to your toes 8) Look ahead naturally, not down at your feet. This will straighten your neck and back, and bring them into alignment. Don’t allow your chin to jut out.

The most important thing to remember is that proper form should feel natural.  Create a visual in your mind of how you want to look running and relax.  Your muscles may feel tired and achy for the first couple of weeks but this is a good thing! It means your core is getting stronger and toned!

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