CARP and 50&PiuEnasco Working Together to the Benefit of our Members

While the AARP Global Network is no longer operating, CARP has maintained relations with the various partners in the Network, including 50&PiuEnasco, the association in Italy that is similar to CARP.

CARP was pleased to host a meeting last week with members of the executive management group of 50&PiuEnasco during their visit to Canada.  Building on our existing support for one another (50&PiuEnasco promotes CARP and Zoomer magazines in their offices in Canada—Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver), the meeting discussion focused on additional ways we can cooperate for the benefit of our respective and mutual members.

Pictured outside the CARP offices – From left to right: Susan Eng, David Cravit, Gabriele Sampaolo, 50&PIu’s Director General, Moses, David Sensi, Director International Affairs, Vincenzo Chiandoni, Director Canadian operations, Eric Vengroff, Ross Mayot