CARP Community DevelopmentAnnual Report 2011-2012

It is with great pleasure that we present the Community Development Annual Report for 2011-2012. (click link)

This report captures but a snapshot of the numerous and effective ways our Chapters have worked with CARP’s Community Development and Advocacy teams to advance CARP as Canada’s premier advocacy organization for positive social change in an aging society.

Our Chapter Board members and committee volunteers have generously given of their  time and expertise to support CARP’s efforts to advance the quality and dignity of life for all Canadians regardless of age.

Chapter Board members are invariably amongst the most active and community-spirited people, volunteering their time and expertise to benefit their communities. They give truth to the expression “If you want to get something done, give it to a busy person.” That’s one of the things we invariably see in our Chapter Board members. They are all busy, but they still find time to lead the Chapters and get things done in their respective communities.

The growth in our Chapter network, now numbering 55 and counting, is a powerful indication that our members are increasingly concerned about the issues facing an aging society and want to add their voices and expertise to support CARP’s mission.

We are grateful and proud of the accomplishments and ongoing work of our Chapters. They set an example of good citizenship in their communities.

Without their efforts CARP could not be the effective and relevant an organization that it is.

We want to express our appreciation for the support CARP’s local and national Affinity Partners have provided to Chapters during the year.

Ross Mayot
Vice President, Community Development