FREE Technology Workshops for Adults 55+ November 6th & 28th, 2012

Information updated November 2nd, 2012

ETAG’s next Lifelong Learning Workshops about the AMAZING new technologies available today will be on November 6th in Mississauga and in Burlington on November 28th. All the details about these events are included on the posters, please click on either of the links below for details at either location.

ETAG Workshop Mississauga Nov 6

ETAG Workshop Burlington Nov 28

With an assortment of popular gadgets including, but not limited to, iPads, smartphones, Android tablets, e-readers, and a variety of laptops, ETAG will be presenting these FREE Lifelong Learning Workshops for adults 55+.

In a setting similar to a university lecture, participants will learn about the latest technologies, how they work, and how using these tools can make life easier. As part of the workshop, participants are encouraged to try the various technologies discussed and ask their own personal technology based questions.

Providing this interactive component allows attendees to see and experience the benefits of these tools for themselves. They can make better conscious decisions about what technology to buy and how easy it can be to use with some support and guidance.

The workshops will be lots of fun! ETAG’s experienced technology educators make everything easy to understand for everyone, regardless of their previous experience using technology. Whether a person uses a computer every day, or has never done so before, everyone can find value and learn from ETAG’s workshops.

Again, these events are FREE OF CHARGE! If you would like to attend, please RSVP using the phone number provided on the posters.