Have you seen the new $20 bill yet?

November, 2012: Canada’s new polymer bank notes have been around for almost a year now, but not all of us are receiving, or passing around $50 and $100 bills on a daily basis, so for most of us, the new $20 note rolling out this month will be the first chance we get to touch and feel this new “plastic” money from the Bank of Canada.

The new Twenty features the iconic Vimy Ridge memorial on the side opposite a new portrait of Queen Elizabeth.

The new notes have a new feel, a number of new security features, and are made to last at least 2.5 times longer than cotton-paper notes.

Watch the video above to learn about the new design, and check out the information below from the Bank of Canada, with the new security features.

How to Check Notes

Feel. Look. Flip.

The new $100, $50 and $20 polymer notes are easy to check and hard to counterfeit. They have the same innovative security features that can be seen in transparent areas on both sides of the notes.


  • 1. Raised ink

    Feel the raised ink on the large number, the shoulders of the large portrait and the words “Bank of Canada” and “Banque du Canada.”


  • 2. Large window

    Look for transparency through the large window containing a metallic portrait and building.

  • 3. Metallic portrait

    Look at the details in the metallic portrait in the large window. It matches the large portrait.

  • 4. Metallic building

    Look at the details in the metallic building in the large window. Tilt the note to see sharp colour changes in the building.

  • 5. Small numbers

    Look at the numbers in and around the large window that match the value of the note. Some of the numbers appear in reverse.

  • 6. Transparent text

    Look at the word “Canada.” It is transparent and feels slightly raised.

  • 7. Maple leaf border

    Look at the maple leaves that border the large window. Some of the leaves cross into the window.

  • 8. Frosted maple leaf window

    Look at the frosted maple leaf window to see that it has a transparent outline.


Flip the note to see the features in the large window repeated in the same colours and detail on the other side.

Added Security

  • 9. Hidden numbers

    The hidden numbers are an additional security feature that you can use after checking the other features if you’re still unsure that a polymer note is genuine.