Holiday Greetings from Ajax Pickering Chapter 20

The Ajax Pickering Chapter of CARP



                Happy Holidays

             The Year in Review

No matter which holiday you are celebrating, we would like to wish you the very best for good health and a restful holiday season.

Since our inaugural meeting with Moses Znaimer, we have had a spectacular year, keeping our focus on key advocacy priorities and great community events.  We would like to thank our invaluable volunteer members and our partner associates for their support in bringing these events to our community.  Please click here to see a complete summary of the year.

Please click here to see a complete summary of the year.  

We are currently planning a significant number of events for 2013 and these will be published in our Winter Seasonal Newsletter to be mailed mid-January.  If you have thoughts on topics of interest for our community or would like to volunteer, please contact us at [email protected].

The splendour of this holiday season can remind us of the beauty in life that we sometimes take for granted: our family, our friends and our faith in mankind.

See you in January!

Ajax-Pickering CARP Chapter 20
Board of Directors

Keith Ward, Sharon Lennox, Terry Bruce, Randy Filinski,
Marlene Marco, David Mitchell, Karen Johnson-Mitchell,
Jan Filinski, June Kay, Daniel Fry, Jey Ratnasingham