Seniors’ Moments – “Aging Joyfully”

Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 10am to noon, St. George on Yonge Anglican, 5350 Yonge St. at Churchill Avenue, North York – FREE underground parking, FREE refreshments

All seniors are welcome

Aging is something we cannot stop—but we can prepare for it! Join us as our guest speaker, Dr. A. Timothy Starr discusses his latest book “Aging Joyfully” and helps us to stop worrying about aging, and to enjoy it as a privilege rather than fear it as a threat. “Aging Joyfully” brings an enlightening perspective to the process of aging. It’s not just a matter of moving from one stage (middle adulthood) to the next (senior adulthood). It is a transition with different stages. Whether you are approaching a new stage or helping someone else who is, this seminar provides points to safely guide you through the process.

Seniors’ Moments is a monthly series of FREE seminars put on by St. George on Yonge Anglican –  416-225-1922

Hosted by Max and Anne Wynter – Chairs, CARP North York Chapter #42