Save Vision TV

Save Vision TV.

Do you love to watch Downton Abbey, Absolutely Fabulous and Fawlty Towers on Vision TV?

There’s a problem.

CRTC rules have changed and cable and satellite companies can now unilaterally relocate VisionTV to one of their more expensive, discretionary programming packages, or simply drop us.  The outcome will be a massive service dislocation and disruption for VisionTV’s viewers who rely on the affordable Basic Service.  We don’t think it is fair to VisionTV, or to its viewers, and strongly oppose such a move.

To ward off this catastrophic outcome, ZoomerMedia has applied to the CRTC, Canada’s broadcasting regulator, requesting that Vision TV continue to be available on the Basic Service of cable and satellite providers at its current modest rate of 12 cents per subscriber, per month.

ZoomerMedia has submitted its full rationale with supporting research to the CRTC and will appear at a CRTC Hearing in April.  Please visit for more information on VisionTV’s application.

Here’s how You and the Chapter Can Help!

To support VisionTV’s application we are asking all CARP Chapters to participate in our “Protect Your Vision” campaign.


  • Write a letter of support on behalf of the Chapter to the CRTC, with a copy to ZoomerMedia and to the local cable or satellite provider.
  • Encourage every member in your Chapter to write an individual letter of support.

Please see the attached document or visit for details on how to call, write and send your letter.

Please help and let ZoomerMedia know you’ve done it. Email a copy to: [email protected].

Please note, letters of support must be received by the CRTC no later than 20 February 2013.  After that date they won’t count.

Canadians deserve to have access to VisionTV, the only multi-faith/multicultural broadcaster, and the only broadcaster that focuses its programming on CARP’s demographic.  Your support is important and greatly appreciated.

Save Vision TV!



Your letter should state:

  • The importance of VisionTV to you personally, your faith group, or your community.
  • The importance of VisionTV for creating a place where religions and races can meet.
  • The importance of VisionTV to Canada’s multi-cultural and new immigrant communities.
  • VisionTV not only reaches, but actually speaks to and for Canada’s 45+ demographic.
  • VisionTV/Zoomer Television is at the base of a new network or system targeted at the 45+ that includes Zoomer Radio and Zoomer Magazine. Taken together they constitute a new instrument for effective low cost contact with the new centre of Canada’s demographic gravity, the 45+; and so should remain widely accessible to Canadians.


Send your letter to ZoomerMedia and they will forward your letter or petition to the CRTC.

Send it by email to: [email protected] or by regular letter to:

ZoomerMedia Limited, Att: Protect Your Vision

64 Jefferson Avenue, Toronto, ON M6K 1Y4

 Please address your letter to:

Mr. John Traversy, Secretary-General

Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission

Les Terrasses de la Chaudière

Central Building, 1 Promenade du Portage

Gatineau, Quebec, J8X 4B1

Re: 2012-0712-6: Application by ZoomerMedia Limited, to obtain a mandatory distribution order under section 9(1)(h) of the Broadcasting Act for Vision TV.