Fun and Healthy Activities in Durham

Mixing Fun With Healthy Activities in the Durham Region

Keeping healthy and having fun is the goal of all active seniors. Building good habits around good health is the best defense against injury, illness and loneliness.  It’s easy to plan a get-together with others that includes friendship, fitness, food and health.

Have you thought about hiking?  Uxbridge Trails has scheduled hikes from 1 hour to 4 hours in duration. They take place all year long. They provide excellent exercise and exposure to fresh air. A good cup of hot chocolate at this time of year would be a wonderful finish to a hike. Once it’s warmer, how about healthy smoothies all around!

Durham Region has many great walking and hiking areas.

The Legends Centre on Harmony Rd. N. is a year round facility.  Even bad weather won’t impede your enjoyment of the indoor pool with Beach entry for those who prefer to “walk in”.  The fitness facility is a well-equipped area of over 5000 square feet and the indoor track means you can walk in a climate controlled environment every day of the year.

What about riding a your bike with your grandchildren. Kids love the time spent together and bike riding is a low impact exercise that helps build cardio stamina. You might even treat the grandchildren to a low fat treat at the end of the ride.  Think Ice milk not ice cream and you’ll be a great hit with the kids.

Durham Region is renowned for it’s many golf courses. Get a group together and play and walk 9 holes instead of going all out with 18. There are a few short courses in the area that are perfect.

Having a potluck dinner offers you a dining get-together, especially with your new CARP friends!  Invite guests to a BBQ with everyone bringing a few lean grilled meats and veggies, topped off with a Quinoa Salad and fresh fruit platter. Having dinner doesn’t have to break the calorie bank!

Gardening is healthy and fulfilling. It has become one of Canadians favorite hobbies. Just think how your hobby will add to the beauty of your surrounding. Plus the added benefit’s of a serene garden reducing stress.

What activities can you think of that involve friends and family? How about sharing them with us? [email protected]   How can you include exercise and socializing to your life. Active seniors have better health, and their enjoyment of life is increased. Activities also provide interaction with others, providing us with a sense of belonging and joy.

You worked hard and now you have something we all wish for….Time to enjoy it!

Article provided by Elfie Hayes, Carp Member Oshawa/Clarington Chapter.