Discover the Job Service for Mature Canadians: ThirdQuarter—Online and Growing across Canada

ThirdQuarter is an innovative online job service for mature Canadians, aged 45 and over, who are now in their ‘third quarter’ of their professional and working careers.   The aim of ThirdQuarter to outreach to all Canadians regarding the matching service provided by staff and with the help of technology.

Established in 2010 through a collaboration of the chambers of commerce in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia and the Atlantic Provinces as well as endorsed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, it now has a national scope and outreach.  ThirdQuarter services are open to all Canadians in all provinces and an expanding regional presence in Ontario, Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan and BC.

Not your typical job bank, ThirdQuarter differs insofar as it concentrates on Canadian men and women aged 45+.  The Idea: To connect the Right Candidate with the Right Job with the Right Firm. ThirdQuarter does this by first clearly identifying and then carefully matching the skills requested by a given company with the qualifications of potential candidates. To address the kinds of questions that downloadable FAQ’s can’t always answer and to help de-stress the whole job search scenario at the same time, applicants and employers have the person-friendly option of speaking directly with a member of ThirdQuarter’s Customer Care team Toll Free at 1.855.286.0306.

ThirdQuarter uses an essential, skills-based matching system that links applicants with the qualifications today’s HR experts require for the many, diverse positions they need to fill. It is also a process that helps companies save both time and money; since they ultimately hire mature men and women who are more than just job-ready and who make ideal mentors for junior staff and new Canadians.

Candidates and companies may register online with ThirdQuarter cost-free 24/7. There is no cost to individuals to prepare or post their resumes at the website.  As for the kinds of jobs available, these run the gamut from full-time, part-time and casual to on-call, contract and seasonal.

Since it began two years ago, over 3,000 jobs from a wide range of sectors and occupations have been posted on While 60 per cent of the jobs are in sales and services, almost 20 per cent are in business, finance and administration, 10 per cent are professional jobs and 18 per cent are supervisory, technical or skilled positions.

In 2013, many companies are concerned about the availability of skilled workers in Canada. This explains why more and more firms are finding that there is a distinct advantage to posting their job opportunities at They are looking for people they can count on: loyal, dependable, reliable individuals who possess precisely the kinds of expertise and experience companies can’t find anywhere else. As well, ThirdQuarter has a dedicated team of professionals and account managers on staff who are ready to assist both candidates and firms to get the results they hope for. 

We provide weekly enewsletters, blogs, social media and other outreach that is proactive and effective. We are regularly in touch with the traditional media as well as our collaborators and partners such as the chambers of commerce across the country, CARP and other organizations that have access to talented individuals and opportunities.

Another fact of life is that the number of mature Canadians looking for employment is on the rise. As a result, this group has to overcome its own unique obstacles such as the reluctance of some businesses and corporations to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to hiring anyone beyond a certain age.

Enter ThirdQuarter. Its primary goal is to bridge the generations in the workforce so everybody wins. To this end, it often advises and assists 45+ Canadians who want to continue in their current or previous professions and occupations. ThirdQuarter also helps others find employment that fits their lifestyle; or where they can adapt their expertise and experience to new kinds of jobs and occupations.

Companies, on the other hand, have expressed their appreciation to ThirdQuarter for helping them find trustworthy personnel who honestly want to extend their careers, stay on staff and come ready to work on Day One. In their eyes, mature staff bring with them a strong work ethic and positive attitude. Significantly, these firms also equate maturity with proven leadership skills and mentoring abilities.

In 2011, ThirdQuarter surveyed its registered businesses across the country. What they found was that an impressive 60 per cent had hired a mature worker in the past two years while 79 per cent indicated that they were either likely or certain to hire mature candidates in the future.

According to companies that chose to hire mature Canadians through ThirdQuarter did so due to the high level of people skills and wealth of experience demonstrated by these employees. Ultimately, these firms also determined that the 45+ men and women they hired were more productive and related better to clients and customers, and required less training and less supervision.

As ThirdQuarter continues to reach out to mature Canadians, it is safe to predict that more people on both sides of the employment equation will realize what those who have reaped its rewards already know—which is that maturity is, indeed, an asset … especially in today’s job marketplace.

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ThirdQuarter is funded by the Government of Canada, Essential Skills and Literacy.