CARP Communications Poll Report



February 22, 2013: Members are familiar and comfortable with online functions, and consider increased online activity among utilities and providers as a positive development, creating faster, more efficient service. They do recognize, however, that those without online access are increasingly being disadvantaged by the move online.

It must be emphasized, however, that our poll sample is all online, and all are very comfortable in an online environment and may not have a sense of the challenges faced by those who are not.

They have been using computers for more than 20 years and use them for e-mail, banking, shopping and tax filing. Few do day trading.

Members agree they have more contact with others now they are online, and that they stay in touch much more frequently, easily and cheaply than formerly.

While they see little impact to themselves in paperless bills and online dealings with utilities, they recognize seniors without online access will be severely obstructed in their dealings with these suppliers, and in filing taxes.

Dealing with utilities and providers online is no different than dealing by mail or in person, but it is faster and more efficient members say. However, it is clear they recognize that seniors who do not have internet access will be negatively impacted a great deal by this shift.

Members strongly disagree with CRA’s move to limit mailing of tax forms this year and they insist the agency must make good by mailing forms to those who filed by mail last year. They do agree that an increasing online presence has allowed them to become more involved and in touch with the world, but this may not be true of all seniors.

The plurality of members are not spiritual or religious, but those who are get their information on these matters at a place of worship .

Members are unanimously concerned about high salt content in foods, and unanimously support mandatory labeling of high salt foods.

The Liberals have improved their position, the NDP are now in third place and the Conservatives lead in voter preference by a wide margin.

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