CARP fights higher auto insurance rates for older Ontario drivers





Older drivers in this province could be facing higher premiums because of their age.  But CARP – a New Vision of Aging – is encouraging elderly motorists to fight back

This article was written on March 1st, 2013 by Jane Brown of AM740 who sat down with Susan Eng, to discuss the implications of this Ontario Human Rights Tribunal decisionTo visit the AM740 website and hear the story, please click here.

A ruling by Ontario’s Human Rights Tribunal says auto insurance companies have the right to charge higher premiums for geriatric drivers.  The case stems from a 92 year old driver who filed a complaint against Western Assurance Company.  Denis Olorenshaw says he was given a quote that was $250 higher than one given his 62 year old daughter.  Both had an identical vehicle and lived at the same address.

An actuary for Western Assurance Company told the hearing that losses associated with the over-80 group are higher than any other –except for those under age 25.  But CARP’s Susan Eng tells Zoomer Media’s Jane Brown, “it depends on how you measure the number of crashes and the severity of the results.  There are a number of studies that have shown slightly different ways of looking at the same set of facts.  So it was uncontradicted.  It was unreviewed during the hearing.  So the driver who represented himself was well disadvantaged in bringing his case to court.”  Eng says older drivers should compare their rates to their younger friends.  She says, “most of the companies will listen to complaints and will probably try to give some kind of consideration.  They can also write a letter of complaint to the Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

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