The CARP Poll: Pension Reform and Driving Report


March 22, 2013: Members agree that that CARP’s Universal Pension Plan, or its companion advocacy piece, enhancements to CPP and PRPPs, are good because they will provide for a secure retirement and will be financially feasible. They are less likely to be seen as politically feasible, though. The government’s pension solution, Pooled Retirement Pension Plans (PRPPs), are not seen to be useful.

There is equal agreement that a recommendation from a major financial industry figure to enhance CPP and add a UPP layers is good, because it is both secure and financially doable. Members recognize business has enlightened self-interest at heart and knows secure retirement means better sales, jobs and is good for the economy. They agree CARP and the financial industry are on the right pension track, not the government. Members share the opinion that secure retirement plans are good for the economy, good for business and good for government.

There is strong agreement the Indalex pension insolvency decision was incorrect and that pensioners deserve rights equal to, or just behind current employees and equal with secured creditors when a firm goes bankrupt. In the case of Air Canada, they are split as to whether the company should have been granted more time to top up their pension plan or not.


Almost all members drive all the time and all find it very important, or important, at least, to their lives. Many know someone who has either hung up their keys voluntarily or been coerced into it, but this is rarely the member. Most members agree that road test for older drivers are the best way to keep driving safe, but just fewer think road tests should be for all drivers. The same applies to remedial training. Some think it should be just for older drivers, some for all drivers.


The Liberals have firmly entrenched themselves in second place again, and the NDP are fading. Meanwhile, the Conservatives have a commanding lead in first.


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