Calling All Nordic Pole Walkers

Information posted April 1, 2013

Last year CARP Halton Chapter held a Community Meeting followed by a free trial clinic – both conducted by Nordixx Canada. Many of you came out on a cold March day to take part in the clinic at Shell Park. Following that there were a number of folks who joined Alicia Snell for a number of weekly training sessions. Alicia has moved and is no longer training in the area.

CARP Halton Chapter Director Myrna Penny has since become a Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor with Nordixx Canada.

Those of you who have poles and also took part in some or all of the training sessions last year can contact Myrna by email at [email protected] or by phone at 416-433-8406 (cell). She wants to get a CARP group going again. Also, Myrna would like to confirm the status of the initial training to be sure everyone who signed on did receive the full complement of lessons. Anyone who is interested in buying poles, taking some lessons and joining in with other CARP friends can  do all that with Myrna Penny!  Our objective is to develop a strong group who want to walk together on a regular basis. We also would ultimately like to organize a special CARP Halton organized walk – a goal for all to work towards.


Nordic Pole Walking is an enjoyable and beneficial activity. There are three key components for maximum benefit:

  1. 1.       Poles. Nordixx Poles have been developed to offer optimal health and wellness benefit. But if you already have poles that happen not to be manufactured by Nordixx, you can certainly use them.
  2. 2.       Shoes. Footwear with optimal support is beneficial to all physical activity. Some footwear stores in Halton Region offer discounts to CARP Members and/or those who have been trained by Nordixx Canada Nordic Pole Walking Instructors. You can rely on their expertise to find footwear that is right for your feet and your activities.
  3. 3.       Proper Pole Walking Technique. Myrna Penny is a Certified Nordic Pole Walking Trainer with Nordixx Canada. Her expert training and ongoing followup will assist you in optimizing your Pole Waling experience.

Nordixx Canada will have an exhibit table at both our Milton and Burlington Community Meetings in May so be sure to stop by and talk to Ginger Quinn, Nordixx Master Instructor and Myrna Penny.

For further information, please contact Myrna Penny at [email protected] or 416-433-8406. Or you can speak to any of the CARP Halton Board Members and they will put Myrna in touch with you.


Today, Nordic Pole Walking is the most popular outdoor exercise in Germany and all over Europe.  Invented in Finland, walking with specially designed Nordic Poles, and using an easy-to-learn technique, you can learn this simple and fun exercise that has embraced individuals all over Europe.

And…it is quickly gaining momentum in Canada. 

Clinical Studies show: walking with poles and using the right technique, is much more effective than ‘Exercise Walking’ without poles.  The key advantage of Nordic Pole Walking is; nearly all your body muscles are engaged and the cardiovascular system is also activated while you are Nordic Pole Walking. Although it is a low-impact exercise and the focus is on moderate intensity, clinical and scientific studies show that with regular practice (2-4 times/week) astonishing health benefits are achieved.

Why is walking with poles so effective?

The key advantage of Nordic Pole Walking is that nearly all body muscles and the cardiovascular system are engaged, moderately, at the same time.

Walking, jogging or training on a stationary bicycle or treadmill only uses about 50 percent of all body muscles.  However, using Nordic poles uses more than 90 percent of body muscles with each stride.

With Nordic Poles you get resistance training of the upper body muscles and this is the key to this amazing exercise routine:

We know that 50 percent of our body muscles are located above the belt line.  With Nordic Pole Walking you immediately experience the resistance training of the arms, shoulders, back, and you engage your core – the abdominal muscles when using the poles. If you Nordic Pole Walking for just three weeks, you will notice how all your upper body muscles are strengthened while also giving you a better upright body posture.

Here are some of the health benefits associated with Nordic Pole Walking:

Burn body fat without getting exhausted:

Doing Pole Walking 2 or 4 times a week melts body fat.  When combined with healthy nutrition, it is a perfect weight loss program without the Yo-Yo dieting effect. 

Nordic Pole Walking is a healthy alternative to dieting alone because a working muscle burns calories and enhances metabolism more than regular walking. The more muscles involved in an exercise, the more calories are burned and with Nordic Pole Walking you are engaging 90% of your body muscles.   Individuals not used to exercising will experience a calorie burn rate 25 -46 percent more with walking with poles then without.

Get rid of neck- shoulder- and back pain:

Nordic Pole Walking, with our specially designed hand loops, allows the contraction and relaxation of the neck, shoulder and back muscles, with each stride to take place while walking. After a short time, these tight and stressed upper body muscles become looser and stronger; and the typical pain syndrome diminishes.

Best physical activity for people living with diabetes and high blood pressure:

Practical experience with patients for more than a century and with supportive clinical studies show, that blood sugar decreases significantly with Nordic Pole Walking. Many people living with Type II diabetes do not need insulin on the day they do Nordic Pole Walking for 30 – 45 minutes.  The reason for this is the combination of resistance training for the upper body muscles and the engagement of the cardiovascular system while Nordic Pole Walking. Also high blood pressure decreases significantly with Nordic Pole Walking 2 times a week.

Increase of physical fitness and wellness:

Although Nordic Pole Walking is low-impact activity, the use of 90% of body muscles results in more blood flow to feed these muscles with oxygen and nutrients. Therefore, walking with poles uses 25% more energy. You feel well and fit … and you’ll sleep better as well.

Get back to Mental Balance:

Engaging in this moderate activity outside will help you feel mentally balanced and stronger. You enjoy the great out-doors, enjoy fresh air, companionship all leading to better mental health

Less impact on knee- and hip joints:

Biomechanical studies show using the poles properly, will help take the weight load of your knees, hips and lower back. 

There are additional health benefits reported, in various scientific literature:  For example, as a preventive sport for all the diseases mentioned above, but also to prevent osteoporosis or some forms of cancers. 

Moderate physical activity is important to maintain or enhance our health.  Nordic Pole Walking has been proven as the most effective moderate, low-impact exercise –  An exercise that can be done by anyone, no matter what your fitness level.