CARP Vision/Budget Poll Report


While members expect the government’s budget to promote a vision of a fiscally responsible Canada, they are eager to see this but also a vision for a sustainable Canada and one that cares for the vulnerable. Most see a change in government as the way to achieve this vision, along with those who envision a citizens’ movement. On the other hand, some want the government to keep winning majorities.

Eliminating government waste is seen to be the way to pay for the member’s vision of Canada, along with job growth revenue. The strong majority agree their vision for the country is politically achievable. In line with overall voting preferences, most see the Conservatives as best able to deliver their vision of Canada, but all three parties are seen to be able to deliver a more caring country.

Members agree retirement security and seniors’ poverty are not priorities for the current government and this was displayed in the recent budget. In addition, the government is seen to ignore the best advice on retirement and the needs of its citizens.

Most disagree that the budget as presented will solve the problems it was intended to, and that face seniors. What most would have liked to have seen in the budget is an end to mandatory RRIF withdrawals and a national pharmacare program. Just one half agree the budget is good for Canada.

Most members feel the government ignores scientific data in policy-making, preferring political ideology, and they don’t agree with this. They also disagree with the end to funding for the Experimental Lakes Area and the mandatory long-form census.

Members agree the next Parliamentary Budget Officer must be independent and unafraid, rather than a consensus builder.

The Liberals are steadily increasing in members voting preference, while the NDP are steadily declining. The Conservatives, while still leading, are also in a decline.

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