Nutritional Risk Among Older Canadians

Statistics Canada recently released a report that identified nutritional risk as a health concern for vulnerable seniors in the community and seniors admitted to hospitals, nursing homes and other care facilities.

“An estimated 34% of Canadians aged 65 or older who reside in private households are at risk.”

The most common causes of the nutritional risk are:

  • diminished appetite,
  • impaired senses, most notably taste and smell,
  • diseases and medication that interfere with ingestion, absorption and metabolism of food,
  • reduced mobility limits shopping and meal preparation,
  • financial constraints,
  • social constraints such as eating alone and the absence of help with shopping and cooking,
  • depression, grief and loneliness,
  • grocery store locations,
  • availability and affordability of public transportation,
  • geographic isolation.

The results of the study are of great concern.  With more than 1 in 3 older Canadians at risk and women more than likely to be at risk than men.

Please click “Nutritional Risk Among Older Canadians” to download a copy of the study from Statistics Canada and to learn more about this serious issue affecting older Canadians.