Seniors hold political power, CARP VP says

Ross Addressed the Members of Chapter 54 in Haliburton at Royal Canadian Legion in Haliburton on Sunday, April 21st, 2013

It was a day of congratulations and an opportunity to be proud of past work, but, more important, to see potential.

Bob Stinson, chairperson of the Haliburton Highlands local 54 chapter of CARP, led off the first annual general meeting in Haliburton at the Royal Canadian Legion on Sunday, April 21.

Stinson believes in this chapter.

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He welcomed the event’s guest speaker Ross Mayot, vice president and general manager of CARP.

Mayot reminded the audience they are part of a new vision.  A vision that includes active seniors who are proactive and take ownership of their own health.

He gave encouragement to the chapter and highlighted the strength of the membership.
Whether it is as a voting block in the political arena or lobbying for change in health care, CARP members and the organization are working to strengthen society for everyone.
Mayot added it is the local chapters that give CARP its strength.

There are 57 chapters across the country from St. Johns to Victoria and Chapter 54 has the potential to be among the best.

“This team will become a rising a star in our network,” he said.

He reminded the audience to remember 54 when re-applying for membership, as it is key to the local chapter receiving funds.

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