CARP One Patient Poll Report



April 19, 2013: When asked to rate the whole spectrum of their health care experience, CARP members are most positive about the most basic building blocks of health care – having a doctor and access to the system and receiving correct diagnoses and treatment.

After this, more complex interactions are rated less highly, including follow-up, hospital management and palliative care.

At the bottom of the score sheet, predictably, are the cost of prescription drugs and wait times.

Members would like to see ratings of quality of doctors and nurses in hospitals and wait times for procedures, and they would like information on drug interactions and effects on seniors as a way of making informed choices and protecting their health.

Fully one quarter have, or know someone who has experienced catastrophic drug costs, and about half as many have just forgotten to pick up prescriptions.

On average, prescription drugs become too expensive for members at just over $1900 a year.

While the Conservatives are still firmly in first place in member electoral preference, the Liberals are closing the gap rapidly, as the NDP dwindles.

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