WEEK 2 Homework

HOMEWORK LINK: Learn2Run/ Power Walking WEEK 2

Dont feel guilty for taking one hour, three or four days a week for yourself.   Ask your family and friends for support.   In the end, you will have less stress, more energy, better sleep quality, feel healthier, more confident and yes HAPPIER! This benefits everyone around you!

ITS A LIFESTYLE CHANGE! This 8 week progam is helping you to adapt to your new healthy lifestyle.  Putting excercise on the back-burner is no longer an option.   Your decision to join the Power Walking or Learn2Run is merely the first step of a life long journey.  Your committment will pay off not only at the end of this program, but every week as you get stronger and healthier.

YOU CAN DO ANYTHING! The first 8 weeks are the hardest but also the most rewarding.  Dont give up! In 8 weeks you have already developed stronger muscles and bones (it takes longer for your bones to strengthen), better flexibility, a stronger core and mental strength.  Can you believe you will be registered for the ‘FIRST 5K’ Program before Christmas?!!!