Video on Older Drivers – Perception versus Reality

Headline: Video on Older Drivers – Perception versus Reality

Watch this short video:

This is a 3-minute update on some innovative research to enhance the safety of older drivers. It aims to identify those drivers that are unsafe to drive, rather than to categorize all older drivers as unsafe to drive.

There are many negative perceptions about older drivers – but how true or justified are they?

The video lists some typical reasons why seniors drive, points to evidence regarding crashes, acknowledges that health issues play a role, and showcases some innovative research methods employed by three universities (McMaster, Ottawa, McGill) such as in-car cameras and GPS devices capturing actual (versus assumed) driving behaviour and driving destinations of older drivers.

In other words – real data in real time! Such real data, together with other health and functional ability data, provide a comprehensive picture of older drivers (versus the usual stereotypical assumptions). The real data ensures that decisions regarding older driver safety are based on the best available evidence.

The Auto 21 network contributes to research for the development of effective strategies to keep both older and all other drivers safe on the roads in Canada. Auto 21 is a multi-disciplinary, auto-related research and development initiative established by the Canadian Networks of Centers of Excellence program.

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PS The video is in a contest among researchers, and needs as many viewings as possible by May 15. Please show your support for them by viewing the video – it only takes 3 minutes to view it.