The New and Improved website from the Minister of State for Seniors – website now Live!

In January and February, Minister of State for Seniors Alice Wong conducted consultations to get feedback on the Federal “Information for Seniors”.  She and her staff discovered that one of the most frequently raised issues is that people are having difficulty  getting relevant seniors-related information from different levels of government.  The information is complex trying to navigate the course results in confusion.  Over the past year they have been redeveloping their website, focusing on a new section devoted to “Information for Seniors”.

One of the major improvements that visitors to the site will appreciate is that users can now select their province from an interactive map, and will then be taken to a simple page which will list federal, provincial and municipal information for seniors, organized according to their province.

They have just announced that the new and improved website for the Minister of State (Seniors) has gone live at or