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The road to recovery needs more drivers …

Canadian Cancer Society’s Transportation Program

This request is from Canadian Cancer Society in Toronto.
Contact your local office for other volunteer opportunities

Since the early 1960s, the Canadian Cancer Society has provided transportation for people with cancer. We assist clients with their short-term need to travel to attend cancer-specific medical appointments or supportive care services, if they cannot get there on their own.

We need your help

As a volunteer driver, you’ll pick patients up from their home and take them to their attending hospital or regional cancer center. You’ll be there to offer friendly support and kindness at a time when they need it the most. And when their treatment is done, you’ll make sure they get home.

Requirements for becoming a volunteer driver:

• licensed to drive in Ontario,

• have no more than 3 demerit points

• 100% smoke-free vehicle

• Minimum of $1 million worth of third party liability insurance (standard)

• On your day of availability, be available for a shift of at least 4 hours

If you’re interested in becoming a CCS volunteer driver, and/or would like more information, please contact Karthi Kulendran at [email protected] or (416) 323-7083.

Thank you for your interest in the Canadian Cancer Society!