CARP Older Workers Poll Report

Key Findings


May 31st, 2013: CARP members are fully retired and not working for the most part, but some who are retired work part-time, pro bono or volunteer.

Half our members who still work do so because they like to work, not because they need the money. The other half work because they have to.

When asked how to best accommodate and attract older workers, the most common suggestions revolve around flexible work schedules, whether expressed as staged retirement, shorter hours, job-sharing or other variations on the full-time, 40 hour work week.

After flexible working hours/days, members who still work are most interested in extended health benefits after 65.

Additionally, members are interested as well in less tangible benefits such as mentoring or ambassador roles, and many do want to stay involved with their employers after retirement.

About one quarter of CARP members use bicycles and most say the reason more do not is safety and convenience and the risk of a fall. The best ways to guarantee bicycle safety are seen to be bike lanes (physically separated or clearly marked) and enforcement of traffic rules and cyclists.

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