A Few Words for the Morgenthau Family from the CARP Chapters


On June 13th, CARP’s founder Lillian Morgenthau passed away and we heard about her pioneering accomplishments and passions in building this powerful advocacy group. Upon her passing, CARP Chapters across the country remembered her leadership and contribution to the aging society, and many wanted to send their condolences and a few words:

We want to send our condolences to Holly, Eric, Maura and their families on the loss of their Mom. Lillian, Murray and the entire Morgenthau family’s contribution to the creation and growth of CARP from the early days on their kitchen table  is a testament to their conviction and dedication to the rights of Senior’s in Canada. Their work laid a foundation on which future generations can build and we are profoundly grateful and proud to be part of the growing CARP family.” –  Adina Lebo, Chapter Chair of Toronto Chapter

As a past Chapter Chair and current CARP member, I can STRONGLY say that Lillian will be missed.  Between Lillian’s past husband Murray and Lillian, they had a very strong voice in terms of politics and the treating of seniors for many years. A major Benefit for seniors was the option of Pension Income Splitting. The members of Carp will NEVER forget this. Working with Lillian and Murray over ten plus years was very helpful to me and our fellow CARP members then and today. Our local “CARP Windsor-Essex” has been very active and is growing, and  will miss Lillian Morgenthau but they are and will continue, based on the efforts of the Morgenthau’s in the past. They will be missed but the Chapter will carry on and grow.” – Bob Lesperance, CARP Member

Barrie & Surrounding Area would like to pass on their condolences to the family of Lillian Morgenthau.  Members were saddened by the news of her death.  She will be forever membered with her husband Murray, as the trailblazers for CARP, their vision for a new vision of aging and their tremendous efforts in bringing the mission and vision of CARP to the fore in Canada.  Chair Gwen Kavanagh said Mrs Morgenthau’s presence will certainly be missed at the next CARP national conference but her spirit, passion and tenacity will continue to inspire and live within those who proudly march forward under the CARP banner.” – Kelly Patterson, Secretary/Treasurer of CARP of Barrie & Surrounding Areas Chapter

I unfortunately did not have the opportunity to meet Lillian, but as a CARP Member and now Guelph chair, I thank Lillian for her vision and her understanding of how important it is for all of us zoomers to speak with a strong voice and stand up for our rights. My condolences to the family, and I can assure you that her vision and strength will continue to live on.” – Eva Ollino, Chapter Chair of Guelph Chapter

On behalf of all members of the St. John’s-Avalon Chapter, I want to express sincere condolences to Holly and the family of Lillian Morgenthau.  Lillian was a pioneer in this country whose vision and dedication as an advocate for all seniors is unmatched.  She was a kind and considerate person who was loved by all of us who had the pleasure to know and work with her. She will be missed but not forgotten.” —  — Dr. Edgar Williams, Chapter Chair of St. John’s –Avalon Chapter

“The Calgary chapter offers sympathy to the family. We are fortunate that we have people with vision, thanks Lillian. We in Calgary will keep the vision alive.”   – Louise Yarrow, Chapter Chair of Calgary Chapter

I have never met Lillian but would like to convey my regrets to her family and just say that they should be very proud of what she has accomplished.  We should all be very thankful for her efforts in pioneering this wonderful organization which works to benefit us all as we age.” – Bob Stinson, Chapter Chair of Haliburton Highlands Chapter

There are many CARP Edmonton members who remember the work of Lillian and Murray and many newer members who appreciate the groundwork they laid for aging adult advocacy.” – Bernice Rempel, Chapter Chair of Edmonton Chapter

Mrs Morgenthau was a true visionary and staunch supporter of the aging community in Canada. It’s amazing that she started with just a few members and CARP is across Canada with 56 chapters. She was very inspiring to us ‘newer’ members and her continued support of CARP was demonstrated every year at the AGM. She always had a kind and motivating word for me during our brief encounters. I think it gave her great pleasure to see a lot of younger members wanting to get involved and make a difference. She was so proud of it all. She will be missed- but her presence and legacy will continue.” – Janet Gray, Chapter Chair of Ottawa Chapter