CCAC cares about you.

CCAC has Community Access Centres throughout Ontario. Peterborough is part of the Central East CCAC, a huge area extending to such distant places as Scarborough, Haliburton, the Lakeshore, and Campbellford, and that area breaks down into a number of smaller local agencies. Have you or a loved one, or even a friend, recently been released from hospital and find that you need assistance? Do you know of an elderly person who is having difficulty coping with day-to-day living? Do you require their services? You will if you are unable to manage your life alone. In future web postings I am going to highlight some of the ways that they are prepared to assist you so come back here and see what is being done for our demographic group. If you would like to get more information right now go to The following is from their website.

“Understanding Your Options

Are you or a loved one having difficulty keeping up with day-to-day living at home? Maybe meal preparation is becoming too much to manage. Perhaps you need assistance with bathing and dressing. Or maybe you require the services of a professional such as a physiotherapist, social worker or nurse.

Many people think they don’t have choices when it starts to become a challenge to stay at home – that moving into a Long-Term Care Option is their only option. But that’s not necessarily true. Your CCAC offers a wide range of options that include connecting you to care that may help you stay in your own home longer.

Furthermore, anyone can make a referral to a CCAC – you, a family member, a caregiver, a friend, your physician or another health care professional.

You also have the option of searching on-line for Care In Your Community. If you have questions about what you’ve found in your search, you can Find Your Local CCAC and speak to a person directly.

Find out more about Working with Your CCAC.”