Brampton Election Report 2013




Elections for CARP chapter 52 will be held in September 2013. The CARP Chapter Handbook has been used to formulate the practice under consideration in this report. The CARP Chapter Handbook and the CARP affiliation rules apply to these practices. No person may be nominated who has a direct pecuniary interest in CARP.

Note: There is no procedure for conducting a first election in the CARP Chapter Handbook, so the Brampton CARP Steering committee will need to bring this report to the election meeting for adoption before proceeding to implement the practice recommended below. After the first election the election rules found in the CARP Chapter Handbook apply.

Election of Officers:

The following officers will be the Executive Council of Chapter 52 Brampton CARP.

  • Chair
  •  Vice Chair
  • Secretary/ Treasurer
  • Director of Political Advocacy
  • Director of Finance/ Membership
  • Director of Social Activities
  • Director of Program/Publicity

1)      Term of Office

The term of office shall be two years beginning in September 2013. The election of officers will occur every 2 years and in the event that an executive office is vacated, the chair will appoint a CARP member in good standing to fill the position.

2)      Voting

CARP members in good standing (i.e. are paid up members of CARP) will be allowed to vote. A voting member will cast one vote for each office and a voting member must be present at the election meeting in order to cast his or her ballot. Proxies are not allowed. A simple majority vote determines the election of each office.

3)      Quorum

The quorum for the biannual election meeting is 25 CARP members in good standing.

4)      Chair of the Election Meeting

The executive committee will prior to the election meeting request that the chair of an adjacent CARP chapter be the Chair of Chapter 52 election meeting and Returning Officer. The exec committee will also seek volunteers from the adjacent CARP chapter to be clerks of the poll.

5)      Election Procedure

The CARP Chapter 52 Steering committee executive committee will nominate a slate of candidates for each office for the consideration of CARP voters present at the biannual election meeting.

The following persons are nominated by the Brampton Steering Committee as the slate of officers for the Executive Council Chapter 52 Brampton CARP. 2013-2015

  • Chair – Peter Howarth
  •  Vice Chair –  Cecil Bechamp
  • Secretary/ Treasurer- Terry Miller
  • Director of Political Advocacy – Ann Murphy
  • Director of Finance/ Membership –  vacant
  • Director of Social Activities – Diana Webster
  • Director of Program/Publicity – Karen Sibal

6)      The Chair of the meeting will ask the membership either to accept the slate as presented or to accept nominations from the floor. The Chair of the meeting shall conduct the election of officers either by Method A or Method B

Method A

  • If the majority of the membership present by a show of hands decides to accept the slate of candidates proposed by the Steering committee then all the members on the slate will be acclaimed.

Method B

  •  If the majority of the membership present by a show of hands decides to accept nominations from the floor than a vote will take place office by office.

All votes will be by ballot and the majority of ballots cast will decide who will fill the office.

7)      If the election meeting decides Method B

  • The Chair of the meeting (the Returning Officer) shall call for nominations from the slate and from the floor. The Chair (Returning Officer) will call the office position and the candidate nominated from the slate and the Chair (Returning Officer) will also call for nominations from the floor. If there are more than one candidate, the Chair of the meeting (Returning Officer) will  conduct a poll by distributing one ballot to each CARP member in good standing(voters).
  •  Voters will  write the name of the candidate on a blank ballot provided by the Chair of the meeting (Returning Officer) and then the Returning Officer and the poll clerks will collect the ballots for each office and place them in an envelope marked with the name of the office.
  •  When the nomination process is completed the Chair of the meeting (Returning Officer) and the Poll clerks will count the ballots for each office and report the findings by office to the election meeting.
  • The new executive shall take their places and the first order of business shall be a motion to destroy the ballots. The Chair of the election meeting (Returning Officer) shall move a motion to destroy the ballots.

Prepared by: Terry Miller


Brampton CARP Chapter 52