Susan Eng talks Longevity and Radical Life Extension on Goldhawk Fights Back

On August 26th 2013, Susan Eng was invited to join Dale Goldhawk in the Goldhawk Fights Back studio to discuss the findings of CARP’s fascinating life extension poll.   The CARP Poll was inspired by new research that shows the possibility of extending human life to 120 and even 150 years of age.  The PEW Research Center conducted a similar poll of American (U.S.) adults in the Spring of 2013.

CARP’s poll unveiled some interesting new findings.  Despite medical advances that make extreme longevity possible, Canadian seniors don’t see much value in living to 120 mainly due to health concerns…  There were significant variations between the answers of the Canadians and Americans.

The survey shows that the average CARP member wants to live to age 94. Less than 10% of respondents, whose average age is 70, want to live to 120.  Dale and Susan conducted a captivating interview before opening the floor to callers who had equally interesting insights to share.  Click here to listen to the segment on the GFB podcast page.