Re-launching September 19th

Re-launch of Chapter #16

“We build a new tomorrow

                       on plans we make today”

Where: Applewood Retirement Residence, 1500 Lansdowne Street West, Peterborough.. See map here

What: Chapter #16 General meeting

When: 19th September 2013

Time:7:30 PM

. The October meeting will be on the 17th. Mark your calendar for both meetings

Do we have an eager lady or gentleman in the membership to take on the position of Secretary? The biggest part of the job is to record the minutes of each meeting and read them back to the membership at the next meeting. If you own a laptop computer it would be a useful asset. Since we have a full agenda for the upcoming meeting it would be wonderful to have a volunteer to act as Secretary that evening

Our chapter has lots of opportunity for ladies and gentlemen to participate in the organization and operation of Peterborough Chapter. This is an excellent way to share your talents with like-minded people while having fun, and to have a lot of input regarding what happens at our meetings and how we work with the local community at large. Your committees can meet in person or by means of SKYPE conversations. That way you would be able to network with each other without even leaving home. If you don’t have Skype on your computer you can get it for free. Simply go to Google and enter “Skype Downloads”. The on-screen installation instructions are easy to follow.

The four committees that I am proposing are, 1) SOCIAL, 2) TELEPHONE, 3) CONTACT, and 4) AGENDA

Here is a little more about the proposed Agenda Committee. They would be asked to find and arrange for interesting speakers. Tentatively we have some lined up now although we have not yet scheduled them. Hopefully after we have a successful meeting on 19th September we will be able to set them up. Some that are being considered are Ontario 211, Central East Community Care and Access Centres, (CECCAC), Important information for Snowbirds, Good advice regarding income taxes, Information about Seniors’ benefits, Fun events for socializing at some meetings and, of course, your ideas of what you want the local chapter to be within the guidelines of the national organization.

We will listen to and consider your preferences regarding meeting-day of the month, time of day, and location. It has been said that a change of venue should be considered. The present location, through the generosity of Applewood Retirement Residence, provides a comfortable and large area with useful facilities.  Please make a point to use hand sanitizer as you enter the facility.

Check out the many postings that have been made on the webpage during the summer. After checking our page, look around at what the National organization is doing for us in Advocacy and Benefits. Considering the fact that CARP operates with limited financial resources it tries to do a good job for the members. To see what other chapters are doing click on Community at the top of our Peterborough page, drop down to Central, and then select from the list of chapters. Some of them will present a challenge to us as we work to become the best chapter in CARP!

By renewing your membership or buying gift memberships for friends and family you will be helping CARP’s resources. When joining, renewing, or buying gift memberships please indicate that you belong to Chapter #16. This will give us a little credit. At the same time your name will be entered for a chance to win a $20,000 cruise to the Pacific Islands and Coral Sea for you and that special someone. Refer to page 19 of September Zoomer magazine for more information. There will be forms at the meeting for you to renew your membership or for the non-members that you bring to the meeting to join. Your renewal gives you membership in our local chapter at no extra charge. We will have a couple of handouts about Ontario 211 and CECCAC, and perhaps regarding the Snowbirds matters.

You may make constructive comments and constructive suggestions to [email protected]. Let us know if you are using the website. If you would like to volunteer now for one of the four committees mentioned in the last email, please feel free to send me an email at the above address.

Many of our members do not have computers or email so it is difficult to contact them. If you happen to know any Zoomers who are not on-line please invite them to our meetings. We are hoping to contact them by using the free support offered by TVCogeco channel -10 and through The Peterborough Examiner.

It requires all of us in Peterborough Chapter to make this a success. Indeed, “We DO build a new tomorrow on plans we make today”.

Your acting CARP website Communicator.