Tip: Be Aware Of Romance Fraud – Dianne Ojar-Ali

Over the past month, I met hundreds of people however what are the chances that I would meet a single mom and a woman who is engaged and they were both contacted by the same Mr. Fraud. The single mom was befriended for about 3 weeks until he got angry because she would not send him money and the other questioned it and mentioned it to me and I realized that it was the same Mr. Fraud. Sitting at lunch today with a friend sharing fraud stories and he is a fraud examiner, right in front of me he receives a email with a Mrs. Fraud contacting him. Fraudsters can become very aggressive, intimidating and will being to threaten you. I say this not to scare you for you to be aware of the signs.

I tell this story because as seniors your radars should be set on maximum for anyone who wants to be your friend. Tell someone and Never, Never give out your personal of financial information (personal worth $$) and when you hear the words “Wire transfer” run as fast as you can to you local police station and report it. I say this to you, if you or anyone you know who was preyed on, “It is not your fault” and tell someone anyone. So until next time fine tune you radar, be smart and be safe.

Editors Note: Dianne can be reached via her website Mrs. Fraud and You.