CARP Prorogation Poll Report

Key Findings

September 20, 2013: Members are not in favour of proroguing parliament, even when circumstances justify it, and they think the current prorogation is particularly egregious, because no important legislation was passed, too much infighting occurred and the government used their majority to their own advantage.

Members especially do not like constant campaigning for the next election, the substitution of talking points for real debate and expense fiddling. They expect better of parliament, like enacting enhanced CPP, senate reform or a National Pharmacare program. Other decisions of this government that do not sit well with members include the elimination of the compulsory long-form census.

Most members consider themselves middle-class, and suspect the government doesn’t really have them in mind when it speaks of helping the middle class. Members say those less fortunate than the middle class are more deserving of government support. What the middle class needs is a growing economy they say.

Very few are making more on CPP/OAS/GIS than they made before retirement, and, on average, members are retired on about 58 percent of their pre-retirement income. Members are exactly split on whether their children will do better or worse in life than themselves.

The Liberals have seen a dramatic surge in their support, to almost half our members, since the last poll, and this has been accompanied by a decline for the Conservatives.

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