CARP Pre-Throne Speech Poll Report

Key Findings

October 4, 2013: The vast majority of members agree the latest Parliament had not finished critical business when it was prorogued, that key promises from the election were not kept, including ending senior poverty and pension and health care reform. Priorities members want to see addressed in the next Parliament include CPP enhancement and a set of national standards for health care devised by the provinces and the federal government.

In terms of the consumer protection priorities which are actually expected to be in the Throne Speech, none are initially seen to be particularly popular, although there is wide agreement they are appropriate priorities for a government, especially a financial services usersʼ bill of rights, mandating clear language forms. Members expect to see more law and order measures, but donʼt see the need for them.

Members are most likely to say an ideal government provides health care, security, opportunity (and an income) to itʼs citizens. Few adopt a severely conservative or libertarian view of a strictly limited government. Members are hopeful about the establishment of a National Securities Regulator but think more needs to be done now on this front.

In terms of fallout from the last election, most say that downloading of health care responsibilities to the provinces has led to worse health care, and only the minority expect the income-splitting and physical activity tax credit promises to be kept when the deficit is eliminated. The majority agree income-splitting is a good way to relieve the tax burden on the middle class, but few agree with the physical activity tax credit.

The Liberal Partyʼs policy on marijuana legalization convinces a sizeable minority to vote the party in the next election, whereas fewer say this policy will lead them to vote against the Liberals, and this is reflected in a sharp surge in Liberal electoral support one month ago coinciding with the announcement of the party policy.

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