November 2013 meeting report

Unfortunately we did not have a piano entertainer so the Grand Piano remained silent. Perhaps better luck next time. If you can play for a short while please send me an email so that I can include it in the evening activity

 We had two speakers at our meeting. First up was Eileen Madder speaking about ways that you can stretch out those dwindling Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF) dollars. Especially, she mentioned the disastrous situation after age 94. Don’t snicker about that because with today’s longevity numbers many more people are reaching that point. I for one am not anxious to spend those years on a park bench relying upon food-banks and homeless shelters. She explained a financial plan that you might want to consider. It is available from four different insurance companies. Eileen is available at (705) 874-9359.

Next on deck was Wayne Smith a volunteer with Community Care Peterborough (CCP) who spoke to us about the important support services available from that organization which is run by 900+ volunteers like Wayne for, primarily, the over 60 crowd but they also support the disabled over 18 years old. Many programs, too numerous to list here, are operated at minimal or no cost. He compared the programs of CCP with those of CECCAC, the latter with no volunteers but over 900 staff. Here is another opportunity for you to volunteer in your community. The CCP office in Peterborough would be happy to hear from you and they can let you know the number for your community’s local office. Call them at 705-742-7067.

A 50/50 draw was held even though we had a small turnout. The winner was Neil who kindly donated back five dollars of his winnings. Draws were made for the door prizes which had been donated by Kevin Tomlinson and we tried four times but Fran, Eileen, Mary and Denis all declined and asked that the draw be held over until the next meeting on 16 January 2014. There is one point that is certain. If you don’t come out to the meetings you will not be a winner. Lynda was a big help again with selling the 50/50 tickets. Thank you, Lynda. Our bank account will now boast of the “huge” balance of $40.10 and a liability of $2.85.

 We DO listen to your concerns about location. Our present location which is very generously donated to us by the Management at Applewood Retirement Residence is comfortable, has a nice grand piano, and has ceiling mounted projection facilities. It easily seats 64. Come and fill them up: All of them. Olive took the time to check-out Mapleridge centre to see if we could get in there. She found that it is a bee-hive of activity every morning and afternoon, and that if we were permitted to use it, the cost would be $325. Now ask yourself how would we pay for that with our bank balance? What alternatives can you offer? Still, we are trying!

 Our bank balance could be used by our yet-to-be-formed Social Committee to supply some light refreshments after our meeting concludes and it is very likely that they could get Applewood to assist in that regard for a reasonable price. That would provide a fine opportunity to interact with old friends and new ones for a short while before leaving the facility.

 TV-Cogeco did carry our meeting announcement on Channel-10 but unfortunately I was disappointed that the Peterborough Examiner did not carry it for either the October or November meetings to the best of my knowledge. CHEX-TV has not yet responded to my request for CARP publicity but they might get us sometime later. In the meantime, do you have any suggestions how we can contact all of the 1168 people listed on the Chapter membership list. That list, by the way, does not include all of those spouses who are members.

In conclusion  I am happy to report that headquarters lost no time in revising our membership list and the new and extended list which I received today seems to be correct on the few entries that I am able to personally verify. It is pointed out that some members have chosen to not list their phone numbers and/or email addresses making it extremely difficult for us to contact you. CARP headquarters staff will not jeopardize your personal data. Neither will I.

More to follow at later date.