CANADIANS AGREE CPP MUST BE EXPANDED Boomers most worried, new poll shows






November 25, 2013

Toronto, ON: A new survey of Canadian voters released exclusively to CARP by The Forum Poll™ shows the majority want to see Canada Pension Plan contributions increased so benefits can be expanded (53%), compared to just one third who disagree (34%). Agreement is highest among seniors (65+ – 67%). Agreement is very high in the prairies (65%), but not in Quebec (46%) or Alberta (47%).

Majority agree CPP benefits are “too little”

More than half of Canadians agree that CPP’s target of replacing about twenty five percent of pre-retirement income is “too little” (52%), while just more than a quarter think it is “about right” (28%). Very few think this target is “too much” (6%). Boomers (55 to 64) are especially likely to agree the twenty five percent target is “too little” (60%). Those in the prairies, once again, are most likely to agree (65%), while those in Alberta are least likely to agree (47%). New Democrats are especially likely to think the CPP target is “too little” (59%).

Twice as many want expanded CPP as provincial plans

Close to one half of voters agree it is better to expand CPP contributions and benefits (45%), rather than allowing provinces to create their own supplementary pension plans (as Ontario has proposed – 23%). One fifth rejects both these options (20%) and one tenth doesn’t have an opinion (12%).

Susan Eng quote:

“Our members have been saying exactly this for years, that CPP doesn’t aim high enough, and that it needs enhancing. Now this poll, of ALL Canadian voters, not just older Canadians, shows that the public does not buy the argument that the economy is too soft to take care of the most vulnerable among us” said Susan Eng, VP, Advocacy for CARP


The poll was conducted November 13 and 14, 2013, among a randomly selected sample of 1834 Canadian voters. The poll was conducted by Interactive Voice Response (IVR) telephone methodology, and has a margin of error of plus or minus 2%, 19 out of 20 times.


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