Rick Mercer's Canada Post Rant is Right on the Money

Rick MercerOn January 14th 2014, CBC personality and political satirist/comedian Rick Mercer took on the Canada Post decision to end home delivery. The video is definitely worth a watch, not only is Mercer’s commentary hilarious but it is also right on the money. Here is a choice excerpt – you will find the full 2 minute video below:

“He [Canada Post CEO Deepak Chopra] said without irony ‘seniors like to remain active so this will force them to exercise!’ Hah, there’s Canada’s problem right there: lazy seniors! Look at this weather we’ve been having! So let’s round up all the seniors and throw them outside every morning and and march them to a super mailbox, a kilometer there and kilometer back and see who makes it. Survival of the fittest… Now there’s an Action Plan! But maybe I’m wrong, maybe these super mailboxes will start to look like those shrines you see at Lourdes or Saint-Joseph’s Observatory in Montreal… Next to each super mailbox, frozen in the ice will be: walkers, scooters, wheelchairs and crutches belong to those who have been cured …Or perished. What I want to know is: where is the debate in this country? Where is the discussion? This involves 5 million households! What are the options? … The customer is always right but the owner calls the shots – in this case, Canadians, we are both. We deserve to be consulted.”