Questions about BETTER HEARING

Ask Our Award-Winning Team

 Q. Why are other people complaining about my hearing? I hear just fine.

A. Hearing loss is very gradual and most people do not notice they are not hearing like they should. In fact, it is very common for others to notice your hearing loss first. Because of that fact, we often hear: “Everyone around you knows except you!”

 Q.I can hear people talking but the words are not clear; it’s a mumble.

A. If you can hear most people but you cannot understand what they say, chances are that you have some hearing loss.

It takes on the average 7 years for someone to address their hearing loss.

Q. Does untreated hearing loss lead to “auditory deprivation”?

A.  Auditory deprivation occurs when a hearing loss is not managed. The brain gradually loses some of its information processing ability making it even more difficult to understand others. 

Q. Should I have my hearing tested?

A. Good Health requires Good Hearing. If you have any concerns about your hearing (or someone else’s), schedule a hearing test no matter what age; we offer hearing healthcare for the whole family; we even assess newborns! If you

are 55+, there is even more reason to have your hearing checked.

As Dr. Kathy Pichora-Fuller, University of Toronto. observed:

“It’s not just about the ears, it’s about life!” 

Q. Who will test my hearing?

A. One of our Audiologists will test your hearing which is completely painless. It is important to find what you hear and what you don’t.

Written by Audiologist Renée Giroux and Hearing Instrument Specialist Brigitte iroux

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