Good Health means Good Hearing


By Audiologist Renee Giroux Audiologist, Reg. CASLPO, Aud(C)

Q. Is this a good time to buy hearing aids?

A. Manufacturers are currently competing fiercely with one another to gain market share. Some hearing aids come with free accessories; others may be significantly reduced in price but not include newer technology, so consumers beware.

Q. Can I buy any hearing aid that is on sale?

A. Hearing aids are medical devices that need to be prescribed by an Audiologist (or physician). Our staff chooses hearing aids that are appropriate to the degree of the persons hearing loss, the ear canal size and shape, and to the persons lifestyle. Hearing aids are an investment to improve quality of life.

If a person is exposed to noise (which most of us are), he/she will need hearing aids with good noise reduction circuits. There is no point in buying hearing aids that you can only wear in quiet settings just because they are on sale. Just like there is no point in buying a lawn mower on sale if you live in a high-rise apartment.

Q. Is there financial assistance for the purchase of hearing aids?

A. First, a person needs a hearing test. Some may charge for testing, others may offer it for free; or the cost of the test may be included in the price of the hearing aids. However, medically necessary diagnostic hearing tests are covered under O.H.I.P. Second, amplification needs to be prescribed. Both government and private insurances provide funding towards the purchase price. Our clinics are registered with all appropriate agencies.

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