Susan Eng Meets With Premier Kathleen Wynne

CARP has called for a Universal Pension Plan modeled on the CPP but not necessarily part of the CPP – for the last several years. The organization has supported a modest CPP increase as a first step towards such a plan, but despite vague promises since 2010, the federal government exercised its veto in December 2013, so no increase in the CPP is anticipated in the near future.

CARPs polling over the years has demonstrated that the vast majority of members support a supplementary UPP or an increase to the CPP. Therefore, CARP is supportive of the proposed Ontario Retirement Pension Plan and would press for such a plan regardless of which party forms the government after the June 12th election.

Prior to the recent Ontario Budget, CARP was invited to participate on the Premiers Technical Advisory Committee along with pension experts to provide input on a made-in-Ontario pension plan.

Some members of the Technical Advisory Committee, including CARPs Susan Eng, have been invited to meet with Kathleen Wynne this morning and Ms. Wynne will make a media statement after that meeting.

Recorded live on a CARP member’s iPhone.