FINANCIAL FACELIFT: No company pension, a tight budget (and a willingness to keep working)


The Globe and Mail is doing a series called “financial facelift” that profiles the living, working and financial situation of several Canadians that are semi-retired or heading into retirement. We’ve found the series quite informative. It contains some helpful tips and is a useful yardstick by which would-be retirees can compare their own financial situation. It features real advice given by professional advisors. The link below will take you to the latest installment in the series: 55-year old Greg is a father of three (aged 6, 13 and 16), currently working as a consultant earning $96, 400 but he has limited savings. Can he afford to retire in the near future? If this perticular case does not resound with you, browse some of the other chronicles from the series. Each column features a new case-study.

Click here to read Dianne Medley’s “Financial Facelift” series for the Globe and Mail