Discussion on End of Life (EOL) Strategies

CLICK HERE for the EOL Discussion Summary Paper

We held a remarkable and open panel discussion on End of Life (EOL)strategies and local resources available.  The audience  included members of the RVHS and our members who have attended Advocacy meetings over the last four years.  We have opened the discussion and have a lot of feedback as to the next steps and potential evenings.   I am providing feedback and a summary of the evening as it is a very difficult topic but needed.  There is a wide range of needs but sometimes single words tell a lot.  Some of these words are:

  • Choice
  • emotional state
  • trust
  • communication, communication, communication
  • education
  • expectations
  • values
  • discussion…understanding…preparation
  • what if…

We are currently assessing what follow-on sessions are needed for 2015 and some of the suggestions revolve around understanding the terminology, a discussion on the CE LHIN strategic plan for EOL and palliative care.  If you have suggestions, please let us know.

Randy Filinski
ChairAjax-Pickering CARP Chapter 20