Join our LIVE Studio Audience for a Ruckus Toronto Mayoral Debate with AM740 Radio – October 10th

Olivia ChowYou might think that the Toronto mayoral race is looking like a two-horse contest as Doug Ford appears to edge closer to John Tory. But we all know its not over until some lady starts singing

Whats Olivias strategy?  Will Doug Fords positioning as the Tory alternative be the start of a new chapter in the Ford saga?  Is the race Torys to lose?

GNMThe stage is set for all three major candidates ; Olivia Chow, John Tory and Doug Ford to join rabble-rouser Dale Goldhawk along with Libby Znaimer and Susan Eng as they moderate one of the final and most exciting Toronto Mayoral debates live at the ZoomerPlex on October 10th from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Dont miss out on the conversation about the most pressing issues Zoomers face today: transit, traffic, taxes and spending, teamwork and integrity.

 Listen live John Toryon Goldhawk Fights Back or if youd like to join the debate in person, send an email  to [email protected] and youll be automatically entered into a draw to win a seat at the event.   Dont forget to include YOUR questions for the candidates.

Zoomers Vote! The 2014 Mayoral Debate

You can also watch via live streaming on, AM740, and right here on