Join Lee Royko as he tackles CARP Advocacy issues in Quebec

Chapter 37 has been in existence for over 4 years now and as always we need, and value chapter volunteers to serve as board members and help with organizing and running chapter events.

Early in the new year we will be holding our first meeting of the new board and execute the process of electing the volunteer executive committee for Chapter 37 – this includes: President (Chair), Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. To complement these roles we are also seeking volunteers to help with membership, communications, events, etc. We are seeking chapter members and friends who would like to join a committee, get to know some new and interesting people helping to plan an event, work on meaningful projects.

Please come out and support your local chapter – Montreal West

Chapter #37.

Please let us know and we’ll get you involved at whatever level you prefer. Whether you think you can do a little or a lot, or simply want more information, please contact us when you are ready. We’ve listed some opportunities below, but of course these tasks can be bundled or broken down into smaller pieces, depending on how you would like to be involved.

Call us at 1-877-845-1054  (7/24 vmail)  or

e-mail [email protected]

if you’d like to share your time, your expertise, or just get involved. by helping, we will be able to provide more events and also to continue CARP’s advocacy on your behalf.

See here for list of opportunities to get involved: 

Chapter events:

  • find sponsors
  • scout out and cost venue sites
  • research possible speakers
  • organize local publicity (eg. post flyers, speak at community events)
  • greet/sign in attendees
  • set up tables/chairs
  • encourage visitors to join CARP and/or become volunteers themselves


  • get to know your local decision-makers and keep aware of the issues surrounding seniors
  • attend and report back to the board on public meetings
  • commit to writing a regular article around advocacy issues in your chapter newsletter


  • maintain membership lists
  • become involved in communicating events, promotions, news items to the membership


  • put your technical skills to use in helping post updates and maintaining  our web site and communicating with our members