Sudbury Letter: Lots of Maley Drive Concerns

This article published in the Sudbury on March 3, 2015. Click here to read the article.
In his Sudbury Star Saturday editorial, Don MacDonald presented quite succinctly the dilemma facing our elected representatives with respect to the Maley Drive extension.

With the growing concern by many citizens about the need and expense, should there be reconsideration, or should the city simply go ahead and take advantage of provincially promised and possible federal money to go with our own resources to get the long standing project underway?

MacDonald suggests that to delay may result in missing the window of opportunity to access possible federal funding. The benefits are many, according to proponents, while critics suggest the project could be a now unneeded money pit, draining resources from other initiatives, such as restoring and maintaining our current infrastructure.

Our organization and CARP (The Canadian Association of Retired Persons) held an interesting information session last week to begin an examination of the issue. A copy of the in-depth presentation, which raises valid questions, is now posted on our website at and could form the basis for a continuing discussion we hope will take place for the benefit of all.