Mt. Sinai, Life Institute and CARP present a New Series on Aging! Come Join Us……….

A new seminar series on Aging has been created by Mt. Sinai Hospital in Toronto, the Life Institute and CARP is a proud promotional sponsor.

There are five se4ssions focusing on different areas  that will be of interest to all CARP members. The next session will take place on Saturday March 28, at 2:00pm at the Ryerson Library Theatre, 350 Victoria St. (Dundas Subway stn.)

Saturday March 28:  There is a Robot That Will Care For Me- Speaker Geoff Fernie

Saturday May 9: You Could Live a Long Time…Are You Ready? Speaker: Lyndsay Green

Saturday June 9: How, Where and When Would You Like to Die? Speaker: Dr. Leah Steinberg