Minutes of the May 2014 Annual General Meeting

In advance of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM)scheduled for May 14, 2015, the minutes to last year’s AGM are posted here in accordance with CARP Edmonton Bylaws:

These Minutes were prepared by Edmonton Chapter Secretary Marta Sherk and reviewed by Chapter Chair Bernice Rempel.  Members may report any errors or omissions , or provide comments by e-mailing [email protected] .

CARP Edmonton Annual General Meeting

Friday, May 2, 2014

Norwood Legion

11150 82 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

Call to Order: The AGM was called to Order at 1:10 pm

Opening Remarks: Bernice Rempel, Chapter Chair.

Bernice welcomed everyone to the meeting, noting the presence of special guests from CARP National, guest speaker Susan Eng, Vice President for Advocacy, and Sarah Park, Director of Communications.

She also welcomed Henry Barendregt, representing Affinity Partner Sun Life as Meeting Sponsoring partner.

Members present were reminded of the special $20 promotion on sale, which included admission to the movie The Grand Seduction, one-year CARP membership and Zoomer Magazine subscription.

The presence of representatives of Edmonton Seniors Coordinating Council (ESCC), Seniors United Now (SUN), and Seniors Action Liaison Team (SALT) was recognized. CARP welcomes the opportunity to liaise and work with these Seniors’ organizations.

Establishment of Quorum:

Bernice Cassady advised that more than 20 members were present as required by the Chapter bylaws, therefore a quorum was present to conduct the meeting.

Approval of Minutes of Previous

Bernice Rempel called for a motion to approve the minutes of the 2013 AGM as distributed via the Newsletter, posted on the CARP Edmonton website, and as printed in the program.

Motion to approve the minutes of the Previous AGM held on May 23, 2013:
Moved by Fran Savage, Seconded by Gordon Smith.    Carried

Approval of Financial Statement for 2013: Bernice Cassady, Past Chair.

Bernice provided a line-by-line review of the Financial Statement for 2013 as printed in the program, and compared it with the statements from the previous two years.

Motion to approve the Financial Income Statement for 2013,

Moved by Bernice Cassady, Seconded by Ray Borlee.   Carried.

CARP Edmonton Annual Report 2013: Bernice Rempel

Bernice provided a review of the year’s activities and spoke of the value and diversity of advocacy that CARP provided on health, pensions and financial issues.

It was noted that CARP Edmonton has a small, active board and we always welcome interest from the membership in participating on the Board and on committees.

Outgoing board member Bud Whiteman was thanked for his work as Treasurer over the past four years.

The work and contribution of the Board of Directors was acknowledged.

Old Business:

There was no old business brought forward for discussion.

New Business:

Nominations to the Board of Directors: Bernice Cassady.

The role of the nominating committee was outlined. In accordance with CARP Bylaws, Cynthia Lazarenko and Nizar Shivji were nominated by the Nominating Committee to serve on the board for two years.

Motion to accept the recommendations of the nominating committee:

That Cynthia Lazarenko and Nizar Shivji be appointed as directors.

Moved by Bernice Cassady, Seconded by Ray Borlee.    Carried.


Being no further business, it was moved by Lawrence Loyek, seconded by Ernie Oginsky that the meeting be adjourned.

The Annual General Meeting adjourned at 1:36 p.m.

Guest Speaker: Susan Eng.

Susan discussed recent conferences she had spoken at on issues such as pensions and homelessness and emphasized that CARP cares about how those issues and others such as elder abuse, elections, and mandatory retirement affected the Canadian fabric of society.

She emphasized that the 300,000 members of CARP have significant influence on politicians and on the issues of the day; because the demographic of CARP members vote all of the time and politicians pay attention to those who vote.