Sudbury Chapter: Sudbury seniors take dim view of Maley, railyards

Below is an article published by The Sudbury on April 7th, featuring a commentary from CARP’s Sudbury Chapter on Maley Drive extension project and cuts to health care services. Click here to read the article.

The membership of a prominent Greater Sudbury seniors organization wants the CP Rail lines removed from the downtown core and a study conducted on the proposed Maley Drive extension project before any work starts.

At a Sudbury Canadian Association of Retired Persons (CARP) chapter meeting, which was attended by more than 100 older adults, chapter chairman Hugh Kruzel took the opportunity to determine members’ feelings towards a number of local issues.

While there was a mixed response to the question concerning the Healthy Community Initiative or so-called “slush” funds, which mirrored input to the formal presentations by citizens at the recent city public hearing, there was almost unanimous support for the removal of the rail lines from the downtown.

The seniors also said there is need for a comprehensive study of the benefits of the Maley Drive extension project.

“All felt that present roads should be repaired and maintained before any new road construction takes place,” the chapter said in a release.

“Also all were against cuts to health-care services and full support for the elimination of mandatory withdrawals from Registered Retirement Income Funds as seniors are living longer. All were in favour of a formal survey to take place to determine citizen feelings on other issues of importance in our community. ”

The Sudbury CARP chapter represents thousands of older adults in the Sudbury area and speaks out locally and nationally on matters of concern.

The chapter holds four regular meetings a year. Its annual general meeting goes May 27 at the Howard Johnson hotel. Guest speaker will be well-known senior commentator Benita Hart.

A limited number of tickets for the AGM are available and can be obtained from board members listed on the local CARP website at Tickets must be purchased by May 16 as there will be none available at the door.