2015 Budget Targets Seniors


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Click here to view CTV Power Play interview with Susan Eng, VP of Advocacy at CARP and host Don Martin, that aired on April 22, 2015 discussing the federal budget and its impact on seniors. Eng explains that the TFSA increases will benefit middle class Canadians, and in particular older Canadians who can use TFSAs to save for ongoing retirement needs. Eng says that the increase for compassionate care leave from 6 weeks to 6 months during which the caregiver will receive EI benefit is a welcome improvement especially for families with modest income levels in which the caregiver has to quit work to care for a loved one. At the same time, Eng notes that the criteria of terminal illness and death within 12 months does not support families providing care to a loved one living with a chronic condition, and says that the criteria should be broadened to offer this benefit to more families.