CARP Brampton: Aging Bramptonians looking for answers from election candidates

Click here to read ‘Aging Bramptonians looking for answers from election candidates‘ by Pam Douglas – Brampton Guardian, September 11, 2015.

The Brampton chapter of CARP (formerly known as Canadian Association of Retired Persons) has sent a survey to Brampton’s federal election candidates, asking for their positions on six pressing issues.

Brampton CARP chair Peter Howarth says the survey was created locally, focusing on four national CARP issues and two seen as important to Brampton residents.

The survey was sent to the four major political party candidates in Brampton’s five ridings and it is due Sept. 18.

The results will be summarized and sent to the 2,500 local CARP members, as well as the city’s 60 seniors groups, and shared with The Guardian, Howarth said.

The issues:

  • Pension reform
  • RRIF reform
  • National pharmacare
  • Federal health-care transfer payments
  • Electoral reform
  • A national aging strategy

The survey has also caught the attention of other CARP chapters looking to replicate it in their communities.