The CARP Political Poll Report

Slide1Key Findings:  Virtually all CARP members claim they vote, and most say they will vote for the party they ‘believe’ should win, rather than voting strategically for a party in order to prevent an undesirable party from winning.

The plurality of members say they will vote for the best platform and policies, followed by the best leader, the best candidate, and voting for change.

There is wide agreement the CPP must be enhanced, and a mandatory, employee/employer contribution model is strongly preferred to a voluntary option. The employer contribution is not likely to be seen as a payroll tax, but rather as retirement insurance.

There is wide dissatisfaction at the length of the 77 day election campaign and at the tactics of each of the three leaders in choosing (or not choosing) which debates to attend. All three are seen to be attempting to control the public’s access to issues.

The NDP leads most qualities assessed, including their plan for health care, retirement security and their accountability and transparency.

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September 10, 2015