CARP welcomes Harper’s new Single Seniors Tax Credit

Conservative leader and Canada's PM Harper shakes hands with supporter during a campaign rally in St. Catharines


CARP welcomes Harper’s new Single Seniors Tax Credit

September 15, 2015

Toronto, ON:  Stephen Harper, Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada, announced a new $2000 Single Seniors Tax Credit for single and widowed seniors who have pensions. This means that a single senior with pension income would receive up to $600 a year.

Many CARP members will welcome this targeted tax relief that will treat single seniors equally with married seniors.

This new tax relief will bring fairness for single seniors. Some of our members have told us that because they are single they are unable to get tax relief by splitting their pension income for tax purposes like their married friends. Single seniors, usually women, will welcome this news, especially those who are caring for a dependent such as an adult child or parent.”  Susan Eng, Executive VP of CARP.  

CARP and its members will continue to closely monitor each of the federal parties as Election Day draws near.

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